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Entry #3

Game Blowout......

2009-05-11 01:01:48 by TooLegit2Quit

Well..... My first game submission, "Ninja Stick", didn't go as well as I thought. Right now it has a score of about 2.30. I thought it would have gotten around a 3.05 or something like that. I'm pretty convinced that people only voted low is either because they couldn't figure out how to beat it, the graphics didn't live up to their standards, or they thought that when they did something that they were supposed to do they thought that it was a glitch.

But enough about that failure of a game (it's still fun!!!). I'm now working on an overhead shooter game. I'm going to name it something like Nazi Zombies, like off of World at War. It's still in progress right now, but the graphics are going to be much better than my last game, and it will be way more fun. Right now I am working on the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the enemy zombies, and trying to get the movement of the player perfected. I'm hoping to finish it in the next week or two, but it will probably take much longer than that knowing on how slow I like to work on my projects.


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2010-12-18 07:44:50

I think that your "ninja stick" game is AWESOME!
I didn't manage to beat it but it was fun and creative and I would looove it if you would make a sequel!
And if you do then add some cool ninja moves like wallrun, walljump and ledge hanging etc.

Anyways, keep up the good work and don't give up if your games get a low score, just keep practicing!